About Us

About Us

 The Little Yogis is a yoga, mindfulness, and creative movement enrichment program that offers a twelve-month curriculum. The Little Yogis original curriculum is tailored to the student’s current stage of life. We are committed to upholding the true nature of the practice of yoga, learning and applying coping skills, and enhancing physical functionality—being active while having fun. 

Our program is geared to elevate our student’s physical, emotional, and social progress.   We provide a variety of weekly classes, summer camps, after-school extra-curricular classes, workshops, and events for children 2 to 17 years of age. 

Each month of classes are designed to emphasize a key life tool, to cultivate character building, agility, body awareness, being active, being social, self-esteem, and mindfulness. The Little Yogis incorporates journaling, crafts, music, creative movement, memory building, and sensory stimulants, through our yoga practice. 

Each month new asanas or poses, pranayama techniques or breathwork, and mindful activities are introduced to the students, parents, and teachers. Classes include vinyasa flows, balancing poses, inversions to dream catcher building, identifying positive affirmations and painting their own positive affirmation stones, vision boards, journaling, creating and consistently adding to their gratitude boxes. The activities are created to be a helpful asset on and off the mat for the students, teachers, and parents. 

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