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The Little Yogis Enrichment Class is all inclusive. We love to provide classes for the entirety of your group at your facility because it gives a level of cohesiveness, bonding, and peace to everyone. 

We have a curriculum created for 2.5 years of age and up. We would love to collaborate The Little Yogis mission with your philosophy to accomplish the best loving and learning environment for the students. It is amazing to witness each group of children flourish as they display and apply the benefits and rewards of taking weekly yoga classes with the Little Yogis team. 

Each facility or school may choose if they want to provide the Little Yogis Enrichment Program as a school paid program or a parent paid program. If it is a school funded program, it will cost $95 per hr. Plus a one-time fee for up to 25 yoga mats.

If it is a parent paid program, we will further discuss pricing and set this up upon request. 

Little Yogis T-shirts are optional. 


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We look forward to an 'om-Azing' future with you and your little yogis

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Are you looking to book an In-house field

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