Enrichment Program Curriculum



The Little Yogis Enrichment Program focuses on our 12 month curriculum that encompasses key character attributes that will follow your child throughout life on and off the mat. 

We meticulously chose character building skills that we believe are the most important in being a "full/whole" person. We paired these amazing traits with mindful activities to help the children conceptualize qualities at such young ages. 

Never under-estimate the ability to teach up-standing character behavior to even a 2 year old, as we are never too old to also learn these traits from them. 

The best way to teach love, empathy, kindness, generosity, calmness, mindfulness is to be all of these be all of these qualities. 

Our curriculum is truly what makes us a unique and rare extra-curricular enrichment program. 

Monthly Activities

- August: Message in a Bottle
- September: Chakra Sentence Sensory
- October: Dream Catcher
- November: Gratitude Boxes
- December: Gift of Yoga Books
- January: Journal Making
- February: Love Grahms
- March: Empathy Bracelets
- April: Gardening
- May: Affirmation Stones
- June: InstaYoga
- July: Shavasana Eye Mask 

character building attributes

- August: Happiness

- September: Peace

- October: Dream

- November: Gratitude

- December: Abundance

- January: Acceptance

- February: Love

- March: Empathy

- April: Self Awareness

- May: Balance

- June: Fun

- July: Mindfulness