Core Values and Philosophy


Our core values are to build character, and to practice yoga, yoga, and more yoga.

3 pillars: Be Kind, Listen, Have Fun.

Our practice pursues physical, social, and mental activity. We physically practice yoga, we help with social and peer bonding, and we stimulate learning through teaching empathy and mindfulness through methods of conversation, problem solving, and design thinking. These 3 components create an eclipse of total mind and body connection. 

Our philosophy:

Be where you are

  • Identify
  • Relate
  • Accept
  • Grow

The Fall Theory

  • We all must learn to fall graciously and gracefully to build endurance, build character, and build a stable foundation for growth. It is okay and even necessary to fall/fail, as it allows us the opportunity to better ourselves.
  • Trying again: Practice not only makes perfect, but it builds discipline, gumption, grit, and excellence in perseverance and that is equivalent to success. 

On and off the mat

  • Everything you learn with the Little Yogis through our 'Transition Training' will empower your child to lead a happy, healthy life on and off the mat.